Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delegate my ADA to a stake pool?

The easiest way for you to delegate your ADA tokens to a stake pool is through a wallet. Both Daedalus and Yoroi support staking. Once in the staking section of your wallet, you can search for the Wolverine Stake Pool by using our delegation ticker symbol (WOLV). Please visit the Cardano Foundation web pagefor more information about the delegation process.  For more information on the parameters behind Cardano’s proof of stake protocol, this IOHK blog post is helpful.

After you make your pool selection, please be patient as you will not receive any at the end of the epoch in which you delegated your stake or the entire next epoch. However, you will be earning rewards during this time.

Please note that delegating your ADA to a stake pool never requires you to send your ADA to a third party. Anyone asking you to send your ADA to an address so that he or she can “stake” for you is attempting to scam you. You have the ability to delegate your stake to legitimate stake pools without your ADA ever leaving your own wallet. Wolverine Stake Pool will never ask you to send ADA from your wallet to any address. 

How much do you charge?

Please see the fees section of the home page for information about the fees we charge.

In order to incentivize delegators to spread their ADA amongst the stake pools more generally, and to disincentive the aggregation of ADA into fewer, large stake pools, the rewards paid to a pool begin to decline once a saturation point has been reached.  The saturation point will depend on the protocol’s k parameter, or the desired number of stake pools, which initially is set to 150 pools and then will increase over time.   The saturation point for each pool for the incentivized test net (ITN) was set at 1% of the total staked ADA.   

Why Wolverine?

The founder is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

What wallets are available for ADA?

While various wallets support ADA tokens, the following wallets have been developed from within the Cardano ecosystem:

Daedalus (IOHK): 

Yoroi (Emurgo): 

What additional resources are there?

The Cardano ecosystem is supported by three primary entities, each of which is independently owned and operated and has a different remit.

Cardano Foundation – An independent body based in Switzerland with remit to help oversee and supervise the development of Cardano and its ecosystem.

Input Output Hong Kong or IOHK – Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is the technology company that designed and developed, and continues to work on enhancing, the Cardano blockchain, including its consensus protocol and many of the other elements of the Cardano ecosystem.

Emurgo – A global blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises and governments, with a particular focus on commercializing the Cardano blockchain.